Whether you’re building, renovating or re-decorating and need to install a new handrail, it’s worth getting to grips with your staircase terminology.  That way if you’re meeting with your contractors,  you’ll know your bull-nose from your spandrel!

The British Woodworking Federation’s website has a great illustration that clearly labels all the parts of a stair, along with a glossary of terms: BWF staircase glossary

Handrails are not always required, however where they are needed, it is important that they are correctly located and fixed to provide a firm handhold.  Here are some useful tips if you are hanging your own wall-mounted handrail:

  1.  Handrails are required on stairs that rise above 600mm;
  2.  They need to be fitted a vertical distance of between 900mm – 1000mm (840mm – 1000mm in Scotland) above the pitch line (see image below):

fitting a handrail

    3.   Have a clearance of at least 25mm between the wall and the edge of the handrail to allow you to get your hand around the rail.

At Hide and Stitch, we can supply you with elegant handrails, covered in your choice of leather, with brackets already fitted, ready to simply put up on your wall.  Alternatively, for handrails that are continuous over more than one flight, we can come to site, survey the staircase, manufacture the handrail in leather, and return to site to fit and finish where required.

For leather samples, details of brackets available and to discuss your required handrail length(s), give us a call on 01223 233437, or email us at [email protected]  We are a helpful and professional team, working all over the UK, and also sending completed handrails overseas, often with short lead times.   We look forward to hearing from you.  View our leather handrail gallery. 


residential handrailgrey leather handrail