At Hide and Stitch we’ve been covering handrails with leather for many years and been fortunate enough to have worked on projects that have given us access to some of Britain’s most amazing interior spaces.

Whilst much of our bespoke work is carried out in our workshops, we are also very much on-site, carrying out essential templating and fitting work.  This is especially the case for leather handrails. So, if you are an interior designer, architect, staircase manufacturer, developer, or design-led individual, and you are looking for a safe, professional, skilled company to carry out leather fitting work on-site, give us a call.

Involving us at the planning stage of a staircase or handrail is often invaluable and will ensure that you will get the best possible finish once we get to the leather fitting stage.  We can then avoid issues that often arise: finishes against glass balustrades; covering options for spindles; and handrail end-caps …  Rest assured, there are always solutions.

Contact our Cambridge office on 01223 233437, or [email protected]   We are always free to provide pricing, advice, and samples, and will work with you to meet your deadline (even if it was yesterday!).

Visit our leather handrails gallery to view recent on-site projects       

Hand-stitched leather handrails

Hand-stitching on leather handrail in Breguet watch store London.